- Author: Paul Arnesen

PIcture of a person sitting with a computer under a palm tree


- Author: Paul Arnesen

PIcture of a person sitting with a computer under a palm tree


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I am a digital nomad, I work from my laptop and I am location independent. That means as long as I have access to WiFi I can do my job, no matter where in the world.


For me it is the freedom that made this lifestyle so appealing. For others that don’t understand this way of living it seems like an extended holiday. I like to refer to it as Tim Ferriss called it in his book 4 hour work week - mini retirements.


But without a fixed office, or fixed hours my days might not be considered normal. So what are some daily benefits of this lifestyle?


Here is an “ordinary” day, broken down in 9 daily benefits a digital nomad can enjoy.

1. Waking up without an alarm clock

In bed looking out of door Fiji
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I don’t have an office to check into in the morning. I work on different projects with deadlines. I schedule my own work days, so no need to wake up at 6 am sharp.


When you change the routine of waking up naturally in the morning you feel more relaxed and ready to get on with the day more productive than when you are pulled out of sleep by an annoying alarm ringing.

2. Exercising on beautiful beaches

Living wherever I want I tend to prefer places close to beaches. The climate and the air is different.


And, when I stayed in Rio, that is a city on a beach, I often went down to the beach for an early morning jog. A great start to the day.

3. Discovering local breakfast traditions

breakfast in copehagen
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Living in one place makes you go into fixed routines. When is the last time you had something else than cereal or toast for breakfast?


Living in new places means I have the opportunity to explore different breakfast cultures. People eat very differently around the world.

4. Manual commute to work

Standing on a longboard

I mostly walk, but some places I might get a bike, longboard or similar. I try not to stay far away from where I want to work, so I spend as little time as possible commuting.


In addition to it being very relaxing not to sit in traffic or stand in cramped subway cars, I enjoy the scenery and the energy you get from using the body.


Sometimes I do commute, but then I always go after the rush hour. I don’t need that stress in the morning.


5. A new desk every day

workdesk digital nomad
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How often haven’t you re-decorated your workspace just because you were sick of seeing the same things every day? New environments is good for the creative brain, and it helps you re-focus.


I change between cafes, coworking spaces, libraries and other public spaces. There are no limits, except the need for wifi - however with today’s tech, you would actually only need one of these .

6. Trying exotic foods

Eating snails for lunch
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Being Norwegian I am used to the traditional “matpakke” and the brown cheese. Living on the road means I can change it up and try local specialties. And I can do it in the vicinity of where I am working. There is no need to plan to much.


Also, at what time people eat varies a lot, depending on where you stay. So you learn how to always stay curious, which is a benefit for your mind.

7. Meeting people from all over the world

Private Photo
Private Photo

The digital nomad community is a growing community and you will find someone in every major city.


Because we often spend the days alone, we are really good at organising events to socialize.


And you can meet locals, if you put some effort into it. It is really nice to get to know them, they tell you what’s not written in the tourist guides.

8. Experience cultural events and nightlife

Party Carnival
Photo from https://pixabay.com

Samba in Rio, Fado in Portugal, Songkran in Bangkok, Oktoberfest in Munich, the list goes on. I don’t need to plan this as a one off event.


Every place has something unique that I can enjoy when I am there.


And the nightlife! I’ve had some of my best experiences on the beaches of Thailand, the streets of Buenos Aires, the mountains of Austria, the list goes on.

9. Going to bed feeling excited about the next day

Man sleeping with teddybear
Photo by: Gisela Giardino - Flickr

This is the best part! I never have any worries about the next day.


I don’t have that annoying co worker I dread meeting entering the office, or that boss that’s always hanging over your shoulder.

Life is good and easy as long as I stick to my deadlines. It takes an higher effort to have self control, because there are so many new things to experience.


But this could pretty much be a normal day.


The point is, being a digital nomad, gives you the freedom to do the things you have always dreamt about.


I do not miss the old 9-5 work regime.


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