- Author: Paul Arnesen

PIcture of a person sitting with a computer under a palm tree


- Author: Paul Arnesen

PIcture of a person sitting with a computer under a palm tree


Cafe with a view
Cafe Garagem Lisbon - Photo: Diginom Solutions

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I regard Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, one of my top 3 destinations as a digital nomad to live in. The weather is good, the people friendly, the food excellent, and you can enjoy both city life and beach life on the same day.


Because of a growing start-up scene and the fact that more and more digital nomads are visiting every month means plenty of spaces to work from.


In addition to the classic Portuguese cafes, there are a few niche coffee roasters, some newly established co work spaces as well as ordinary libraries and bookstores


My mission anywhere I go is to find the best places to work from, and I love cafes.


A cafe has to suit my needs; good Wifi, good coffee, non-touristic and a good ambience that inspires me.


Here are my list of the top 3 cafes to work from in Lisbon as a digital nomad.

1. Café da Garagem

2018 Update: They have restricted their free Wi-Fi

The picture seen at the top of the article is taken from café da garagem.


Maybe the best views of any cafes in Lisbon, located just below from the São Jorge Castle. From the indoor area you are seated so you face a spectacular view over Lisbon. From the outdoor area small tables helps you enjoy a fresh breeze in the hot Portuguese climate - with the view as well.


It is a typical Portuguese style cafe with the expressos (bicas as the locals call them), small plates of assorted foods, sandwiches and some really tasty cakes  - the chocolate cake being my personal favorite.


They have (free open) Wifi and desks that cater for solo work as well as work in groups. Being open until midnight on weekdays it is a good place for those late sessions. Because of this their opening hours are quite late on weekdays (6pm on Mondays, 3 pm on Tuesdays).


It is quite hard to find, but when you first find it you find it you should feel happy it is so hidden. This is still off the touristic path.


Be aware though, the wifi is not the quickest. It works fine for light work, but don’t expect to stream or download big files. Also the desks inside are old converted doors that could sometimes be a little annoying.


Except for that everything else is very good. For me it is the perfect spot to write, as the view is a source of inspiration. They even have a piano that you can play on if that is something you enoy


Go here for

  • Great views
  • Good cakes
  • Quiet workspace

Wifi: 4/10, coffee, 7/10, ambience 10/10, Bonus points for awesome views

Diginom Score: 7.5


2. Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Coffee computer and cake
Copenhagen coffee lab Lisbon - Photo: Diginom Soluitons

2018 UPDATE: There are now 4 locations in Lisbon

A little piece of Scandinavia in Lisbon. Located in the hip area of Principe Real you will find it right next to Praça das Flores.


The interior is very minimalistic, as you would expect from a typical danish styled coffee shop. They have plenty of seats and desks to work from and you can even work from the counter.


They are a coffee roaster and sell their own branded roast of coffee. Here every coffee nerd can get their fix of V60, aeropress or chemex. This is also one of the few places that have flat white (living 4 years in New Zealand made me an addict) on the menu in addition to the typical coffee roaster selection.


Being danish they have pastries and some really good and healthy sandwiches. The cinnamon bun (when it is fresh) is a real treat. They also have a great selection of teas, and their chai latte is really good.


They have free wifi for the customers. It is fast and reliable, and I have never had any problems with it. Even when many people are sitting there with their laptops. They also have a big table for group work and smaller tables for those solo sessions.


Not much else to mention except for that some of seats are hard benches, with out a back, just the wall. That’s only the case for the seats around the one big table.


A bonus is just 3 min from the cafe in Praça das Flores you’ll find the best icecream in Lisbon, Nannarella.


Go here for:

  • Great coffee
  • Fast, reliable Wifi
  • Healthy food

Wifi: 9/10 - Coffee: 9/10 - Ambience 9/10

Diginom Score: 9


3. Clara Clara

Cafe in lisbon
Clara Clara Lisbon - Photo: Diginom Solutions
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If you want to work outside in a park this is the place to go. Clara clara is a kiosk with tables and chairs outside under big umbrellas.


There are plenty of tables to pick from, and the wifi is free, stable and good. They serve typical Portuguese coffee, lemonade and other refreshments as well as salads, sandwiches, snacks and baked goodies.


In addition to being a cafe, they arrange free cinema in the park, small concerts and other stuff. They keep open until midnight almost every day during the summer months.


The views are also pretty good as you look out over the Tejo river, the view is only partially obstructed by a fence.


A couple of things to notice. This park is next to the Fedras da Ladra (the thieves market). This is the biggest outdoor market in Lisbon. That means that on Tuesdays, and Saturdays, during the daytime, this place gets very busy. Also, it is a park, so some flies and wind should be expected.


Except for Tuesdays and Saturdays this place is not highly frequented by tourists. And as long as it’s not raining it is the perfect spot to work outside from.


Go here for:

  • Fresh air
  • Good wifi
  • Different environment

Wifi: 9/10 - Coffee: 7/10 - Ambience: 8/10

Diginom Score: 8


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I hope you enjoy working from Lisbon, I surely do. So get out of the cowork spaces and try one the many fantastic lisbon cafes! is a site with curated resources for those looking for venturing into a location independent lifestyle and for those already living a digital nomad lifestyle. Some links on this site are affiliate links that makes this site possible to stay open and free for you.



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